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We are Levitate, an innovative sports prosthetics company. Through revolutionary technology and re-engineered processes, we have paved the way to easily obtaining an affordable sports prosthesis.

By sidestepping excessive costs and timeframes, we have blasted through traditional barriers while simultaneously opening up the world of sports and athletics to our clients.

Being able to run, participate in your favorite sports, and live an overall active lifestyle are the primary goals of so many athletic individuals. Those needing a prosthesis face unique challenges to meeting these goals, not the least of those being cost-prohibitive and time-consuming.

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No Unfair Hurdles
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Runners to the Starting Line
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Our Mission is to enable the athlete in you by eliminating those cost and time barriers. We’ve witnessed and shared in the frustration of the process of obtaining a prosthesis – we’ve been where you are.

As we sat on the sidelines, merely spectators to the action going on around us, we knew a fundamental change was needed. The current system was simply not good enough.

From there, our Vision was born.

We brought about the change that was sorely needed, designing a revolutionary new sports blade that is both efficient and easily customizable for your specific needs.  Offering prosthetic models for both above and below the knee, we make it easy to find the right fit for you.

Due to our cutting-edge design process that makes our products both customizable AND custom for you, we need only a picture of your socket, and your new sports blade will come with an adaptor to fit.

We also switched up the process of getting your prosthesis. The traditional process is cumbersome – you know the drill. Specialists, exorbitant costs, and watching time pass by as you wait. By being able to bypass a specialist, we make it possible to purchase an affordable prosthetic quickly.

We Value living life to the fullest and refuse to let anything hold us back. We’re thrilled to be able to provide the same thing for you. Life is waiting. We want it, and we know you want it, too.

Welcome. We’re glad to have you.

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