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No pontificating specialist should have to hold you back from getting your hands on your ticket to renewed mobility and independence. Your determination to acquire the Levitate prosthetic is all that should matter. After all, it’s your leg and your life. Don’t waste time missing out on what makes life worth living.

One Team, One Dream!

At Levitate, we have one goal – to get you across the finish line. Fast. Unlike other prosthetic companies, we aren’t working for insurance or the medical community. We’re working for you. We’re on your team. Levitate is a company created by athletes with amputations, for those just like us. And best of all, we sell directly to the consumer, with no red tape in between.

Built with Grit

Levitate Runners Blades aren’t intended to simply get you up and moving with sub-par performance. We’ve got a competitive mindset, just like you. Both our J and C-shaped models are fashioned with an easy plug-and-go design, ready to pound the pavement at a moment’s notice. Simply send in a picture and description of your existing socket, and we’ll fashion you the perfect fit.

No Unfair Hurdles

Levitate offers upfront, affordable pricing with absolutely no hidden costs. After all, the last thing anyone needs is an unexpected hurdle to clear. We tear down those financial obstacles to keep you sprinting towards the active lifestyle you deserve, unencumbered.

Inclusive Action

Diversity isn’t some empty buzzword at Levitate. Like the most successful organizations, we value the right mix of talent. To assemble the dream team, we’re trashing the old playbook for a new one, offering both below and above-knee prosthetics.

Runners to the Starting Line

There’s no sugar-coating it: As an athlete with an amputation, you’re starting the race with more of a challenge than most. But we won’t let that stop you from hitting your stride. Together, we’ll keep you quick off the gun.

Try-Outs Start Today

With no healthcare hang-ups, a team-focused operating model, and fair and transparent pricing on a product built to last, nothing is standing in the way of trying out your new Runners Blade today!

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