This is
Allison Lang

Being an amputee since birth, Allison E. Lang’s words speak volumes when she works to motivate other amputees to find acceptance, pride and a path towards an active life.

Moving forward

“For the longest time, I was intimidated to move my body at gyms, parks, or public places. In fear that others would heavily examine the way my body looked or the way that it functioned, which is somewhat different because of my prosthetic leg. This insecurity resulted in me avoiding gyms and/or hiding my leg under thick, baggy sweatpants.

I used to think that others were using these spaces perfecting the body they were given, whereas I felt far from perfect.

However, overtime I realized that all bodies should be celebrated and move in ways that work for them. I developed this gut feeling that I was given my body to show up exactly as I am. So I did.”

Back on the trails

“My goal is to hopefully be running the trails outside by summertime and with this running blade, that goal feels possible.

I love that Levitate teaches amputees to take back their body autonomy and learn to make adjustments to their own prosthetics without having to make an appointment at their prosthetist.”

Allison has been using her Levitate blade for more than six months now, and one thing that surprised her was how easy it was to receive, assemble and install on her own.

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