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About Us

At Levitate, we empower the restless, the hungry, the in-love-with-life to get back to what they love doing. Our trusty prosthetic requires no lengthy opinion-forming process. Why bounce around from appointment to appointment when you could be bouncing around on your own two legs? Trust us — burning months of precious life and piles of money — all while your athleticism suffers atrophy — that’s not the way to go.

At Levitate, we have one goal – to get you across the finish line. Fast. Unlike other prosthetic companies, we aren’t working for insurance or the medical community. We’re working for you. We’re on your team. Levitate is a company created by athletes with amputations, for those just like us. And best of all, we sell directly to the consumer, with no red tape in between.
One Team, One Dream!

Our Products

We have a design for the vast majority of amputees, encompassing most injury types, heights and lifestyles. Get pumped to become unstumped!


Get ready to feel the wind whip your hair, your surroundings to whiz past you, and the cool dawn air to fill your lungs again. The J-shape is made for sprinters, the speed demons whose taste for rapid movement will always remain unchanged. The affordable J-foot prosthetic serves athletes who have high demands for energy storage. With each step or pace you take, the J-foot will store then release potential energy for noticeable bursts of speed. Navigate back to the fast track with Levitate’s J-shape prosthetic! Both below- and above-the-knee models are available.


Go the mile with the C-foot! It fits both below- and above-the-knee amputees and will reliably accompany them on the distance running they might like. It’s the perfect blend of support and flexibility to provide you comfort and propel you to the sweet taste of victory. Wear the C-shape, and you’ll enjoy both journey and destination for any athletic goals you set for yourself.


Our comprehensive, accessible guide will be there for the love-at-first-sight moment. Unpackage the prosthetic, and receive the directions for mounting in minimal time. No specialist needed!

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