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Definitely worth the money and easy to build up hitch was a surprise since what you use it for it the best purchase I’ve made since amputation island is worth more than the 5 stars
Stuart G.
So easy to attach
So light , so bouncy and delivered so quickly . Affordable and opens up more avenues for sports . Life changing -#dailysports #affordable #freedom #mentalwellbeing
Kelly D.
I'll run again like before.
searching for an affordable sports prosthesis on the internet, I came across Levitate. First asked Andrew some questions about their product and read reviews from existing customers on Instagram. The quick and friendly interaction you get is extraordinary, nowadays rare. I ended up ordering a Blade 2 MK II and received it a week later. Mounting the blade to the existing tube went fairly smoothly. Had to ask something via chat so that everything was fine in the end. That same evening I immediately ran my first meters with it, and 2 days later I went on a running course with it. Walking is surprisingly good. I'll run again like I did before. A big thank you to Andrew and his staff.
Patrick C.
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