Levitate Blade Kit
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  • Beginner: This is for the person who hasn't yet owned a running blade.
  • Advanced: For the person that does long-distance running, trail running, jumping, and other high intensity activities.

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Lightweight, flexible, durable and compact. The Levitate running blade kit unlocks a life of activity on your own terms.

You'll receive all you need along with height adjustability components to fit every amputee and socket. The blade is light and manageable enough to fit in most sports bags, so you can carry on carrying on. The geometric structure is optimized for maximum power return and long-term comfort, allowing you to stay active for a longer period of time. 

Every Levitate blade kit comes with all the tools you need to assemble, align, attach and adjust the blade all by yourself. 

Simply pick the right size, enter your weight, order your blade, receive, unbox, assemble, and restart your active life. 


Every blade kit includes an orange Essential sole and a 0-14cm height adjustability kit.

Here's how you measure your clearance

Here's how you assemble your Levitate running blade kit.


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Running blade
The levitate running blade has given me the opportunity to have an active life style after 5 years of no activity. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Gabriel G.
Levitate running blafe
I’m a fairly new amputee, 71 years old, although very active before my accident, I had never ran in my entire life and even though I’m not about to enter into any sort of competitive races, I’m having a great time with the blade. I feel liberated from the constraints of the regular prosthetic foot. Thank you so much for creating this device!
Ruy G.
Great kit!!
I put my blade on for the first time tonight. Walking around feels good!! Can’t wait climb!!
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