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From sockets to active everyday feet, running blades and quick-change adapters. The Levitate Unleashed system combines everything you to take on the world once more - all in one kit.

One Socket. Multiple feet.

Change between your active everyday foot and your running blade with the Levitate quick-change adapter - and make your setup complete with the Levitate socket.

The Levitate Forever

Perform like never before. The Levitate Forever is a responsive everyday foot built and designed for active everyday athletes that wish to perform with confidence.

About the foot

The running blade

Designed in collaboration with leading composite experts, our running blade is made of fiberglass to ensure endurance under extreme and long-lasting use.

The Levitate socket

A 3D printed socket crafted to the highest industry standards. Replicated from your existing socket to ensure a perfect fit.

Details and specs

The quick-change adapter

Switch feet effortlessly with the Levitate quick-change adapter. The Levitate quick-change adapter allows you to perform on your own terms.

The adapter in action

Watch how Darien Elizondo from Denver switches between his Levitate Forever and his running blade within a few seconds.

Become unleashed today

Experience the entire Levitate Unleashed system or choose one - or multiple - products. Discover your package options below.

The Levitate Forever

Unleash your full potential with the Levitate Forever and excel in your chosen sport like never before.

The Sports Kit

Go from walking to running in no-time on your existing socket. The Sports Kit includes the Levitate Forever, the running blade and the quick-change adapter, enabling effortless swapping between feet.

The Complete Unleashed System

Experience the full power of Levitate Unleashed. The system includes the Levitate socket, quick-change adapters, the Levitate Forever, and the Levitate running blade.

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