The next generation prosthetic system

for active below the knee amputees

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One Socket, Multiple feet

Simplify your active lifestyle with our customizable, modular system—no need for multiple sockets.

Sebastian Engwald Jensen

"The fact that I can just change my feet whenever I want to has really enabled me to be active on my own terms."

Sam Schaefer

"It feels great. I took a walk up a decent sized hill and I definitely felt more control and natural movement up and down."

Elvanna Raine

The foot gets a lot of attention from strangers! They usually look away when they see my leg, but I hear people saying, "That’s so cool."

Levitate Unleashed Socket

Perfect Fit, Quick Change, Limitless Possibilities. State-of-the-art 3D printed socket with built-in alignment, rotation, and easy component swapping for your dynamic lifestyle.

Levitate Socket Features

Unleash Your Possibilities

Whether you're a new amputee, an active amputee, a prosthetist, or simply curious, discover how Levitate Unleashed can benefit you or your clinic. Get in touch with us today and we'll give you a thorough introduction.

Replicate Success

We replicate your existing or test socket, providing a Levitate socket with an integrated quick change system. The socket and quick change system allows you to effortlessly swap between running and walking components.

Make Changes On the Fly

Whether you're a passionate runner, jogger, hiker, or sprinter, take control of your life by customizing and adding the components you need to your basket. The modular and alignable system allows for changes even after production.

Levitate Forever Foot

The ultimate dynamic foot for high-activity individuals across various sports and activities.

Levitate Running Blade

Experience the next level of activity and performance with the game-changing Levitate Running Blade.

Upgrade Your Foot for Ultimate Performance

Seeking a higher level foot for crossfit, boxing, hiking, tennis, or any other sports? Look no further! At Levitate, we offer individual components to upgrade your existing foot and take your performance to new heights. Unleash your full potential with our range of athletic options. Upgrade your foot today and conquer your chosen sport like never before!

Enhance Your Socket with Levitate Sports Kit

Love your current socket fit and manufacturing technique? No problem! With Levitate Sports Kit, you can integrate it seamlessly with your existing socket. Our kit features an integrated quick change system, enabling effortless swapping between feet. Embrace the ultimate versatility and upgrade your performance with Levitate.

The Complete Levitate Unleashed Solution

Experience the full power of Levitate Unleashed with our comprehensive solution. Get everything you need to elevate your performance, including the Levitate Unleashed Socket, Quick Change Connectors, Levitate Forever Foot, and Levitate Running Blade. Embrace the ultimate synergy of components and unlock your true potential. Upgrade to the complete Levitate Unleashed solution today!