Say hello to our latest team member

Meet Patricia - a rugby player, Mechanical Engineering student and the latest addition to our incredible team.

Say hello to Patricia

We’re extremely excited to welcome Patricia to the Levitate team!

Hailing from Basque Country, a region in northern Spain, Patricia holds a bachelor’s degree in General Engineering with a specialization in Advanced Materials from DTU. Currently pursuing her Mechanical Engineering MSc at the same institution, Patricia has already made her mark as a student assistant in the mechanical engineering team at GN.

Patricia’s journey to our team was driven by a passion for innovation and a shared vision:

“I was very attracted by Levitate’s marketing and their products, but what really motivated me to reach out to Levitate was the whole concept of giving people the power to be active again – on their terms.

Besides the cause, as an engineer I really liked the insane product evolution in the short period of time. I have always been taught that product development needs numbers and a million of simulations and design steps, but I like how Levitate has chosen to also involve the user experience in the same development process.”

Patricia will be working on both our current product offerings and future innovations, with the ultimate aim of sustaining our mission to enhance the lives of those with lower limb differences.