A 100 day runathon: Meet Elvanna Raine

Reaching her 100th day of running in a row today, Elvanna from Taiwan has shown the world that with the right tools and mindset, the only one stopping you is you.

From zero to hero

However, Elvanna did not stop there. She wanted to challenge herself, so she gave herself a one-month daily runathon goal. As April (Limb Loss Awareness Month) approached, Elvanna decided to continue her daily runs. And when she completed that, she realized she didn’t want to stop running. So now, she’s doing her 100 Day Running Challenge!

Like most people, Elvanna had good days and bad days during her runathon journey.

“Some days, I didn’t have a lot of energy, or my leg would hurt too much. But my runathon journey isn’t about running a certain distance every day or a certain speed – it’s about perseverance and determination. It’s about not quitting when things get tough.”

Elvanna’s journey has been full of highs and lows, but the support and advice she has received from people all over the world have kept her going. Through Levitate, Elvanna found an amputee community that was open and willing to share information, something she couldn’t find in Taiwan.

Aside from running, Elvanna has also added some strength training after each run, and after the first month or so, she realized she was losing some unwanted weight. The training has caused her whole body feels to feel rejuvenated and overall much healthier.

“I wants to let other amputees know that anything is possible, and that with perseverance and determination, one can overcome any obstacle.”

In total, Elvanna ran 400 miles (650 km) during her 100 day runatathon.