A mini test run in Baltimore

We partnered with Align Rehabilitation to set up a Levitate test run in Baltimore in record time. Here's how it went down.

It's running time!

A group of amputees got the chance to go for a run – some of them for the first time in decades. We teamed up with Align Rehabilitation, a local physical therapy practice, to pull off this awesome event in less than two weeks.

It was incredible to see the participants get into the groove of running with the help of their running blades and prosthetists. It was beyond inspiring to watch how many of the participants went from walking diffidently to sprinting confidently with an hour.

We owe a big thanks to Align Rehabilitation for the partnership and to everyone that wanted to spend their Saturday morning at our test run. We’re so proud to be a part of a community that supports one another, especially those who face physical challenges.

Way to go, Baltimore!

First run in 20 years

“Like walking on air.”

Raquel Godin from Canada went for her first run in 20 years at our test run in Baltimore. What an amazing achievement!

Thank you for coming to our test run, Raquel.