A rock and a hard place: Connie's story

We had a sit-down with Connie from New Jersey, a die hard soccer fan and recent amputee. Not long ago, Connie feared she was sentenced to a life on pain meds. Now, through sheer determination, she's looking forward to kicking it like Beckham once again.

A tough but necessary decision.
Finding strength in challenges

Before her tumor and amputation, Connie was a die hard soccer fan – and still is to this day.

“I’ll watch anything and everything when it comes to soccer. I’d love to start playing soccer again. One hundred percent. I saw people doing it on your Instagram so that really got my hopes up.”

Besides soccer being a huge sports passion of hers, Connie rode horses competetively, went hiking, rock climbing and so much more. To Connie, it has always been less about perfecting a sport and more about chasing the adrenaline that came with trying and succeeding in new things. Once she started going at it on her blade, she experienced the same type of adrenaline kick – even with the little things.

“Before my journey I just took my body for granted, so I’ve just been convinced that I wasn’t able to do anything. But I’m finding new things now that make me push myself again. Just like the old Connie.”

Thanks to the Move For Jenn Foundation, the nonprofit organization that secured Connie’s Levitate running blade, the world is now Connie’s oyster.

We’re thrilled beyond words to follow her journey to the soccer field – and trampoline.