Amplitude Media: Levitate is picking up speed

Our CEO and founder, Lasse Madsen, was interviewed by Amplitude Media about our mission, our running blade, and why we've chosen to revolutionize the industry with direct-to-consumer sports gear for people with disabilities.

Equal access to an active life

So, just exactly how – and why – did our mission start?

“I just felt that if the insurance companies are treating a running blade as sports equipment, and that’s the reason they don’t reimburse it—well, then let’s treat it as sports equipment, Let’s put it in a nice box that looks like a running-shoe box. And just as anyone can go online and buy new running shoes, an amputee should be able to go online and buy a new running leg.

You watch a video, you put it together, you go out and try it, and then tweak a little bit here or a little bit there—like you would do with your bicycle, where you might adjust the height of the seat. I just took that exact concept. I think sports equipment for people with disabilities should be the same as it is for everyone else.”

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