Boston runners take Levitate running blades for a test-spin

We rented Boston University's Track and Field Center for a few hours. The mission: allowing local amputees try out a Levitate running blade - free of charge. Here is how it went down.

Amanda went all in
From big tech to the big tracks

Next up is Vivek, a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft. Needless to say, Vivek has technical flair, so assembling his own running blade should be a walk in the park.

“Assembly was easy and definitely made me more confident about making my own adjustments as a somewhat recent amputee (2.5 years). I was not able to run but the blade felt so springy and was able to move faster than I could with my current knee/foot which was really cool.”

“I am looking forward to trying out some sports with my blade this summer! I was also amazed with how quickly it felt natural to be on the blade and how much return energy it gave compared to a regular prosthetic foot.”

Vivek ended up purchasing his blade as well, and we can’t wait to watch him demolish that track come summer.

Stay tuned for more global test-runs in the near future!