Combat to Conquest: Vasil's Path to Success

In the city of Las Vegas, an extraordinary athlete has emerged. Vasil, a young Ukrainian who suffered severe injuries defending his country, has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching two gold medals at this year's Air Force Trials.

A superhuman reborn
With great power comes great responsibility

Superhumans, dedicated to rehabilitating Ukraine’s wounded heroes, provided not just physical support but a beacon of hope for many like Vasil. His rapid adaptation to the Levitate running blade and his leadership qualities were immediately apparent.

Vasil got his Levitate running blade in January this year, and during a test run event in February organized by Superhumans and Levitate, Vasil not only showcased his prowess but also stepped up as a leader, guiding his peers through the nuances of adapting to their new prosthetic technology. “That’s leadership,” Dima from Superhumans added.

Vasil’s aspirations soared beyond recovery; he aimed to excel in the competitive arena. “I wanted nothing more than to become active once more,” Vasil shared. His determination saw him join Team Ukraine for the Invictus Games, setting the stage for his remarkable achievements in Las Vegas.