Tony, the UPS driver, delivers what matters. And much more.

Our UPS driver, Tony, is more than "just" a delivery man. He goes above and beyond to let our customers know when they can receive their running blade.

Tony the legend
Kindness goes a long way

One of our customers, Connie, was so touched by his kindness that she made him a very special t-shirt and had it delivered all the way from the United States to Denmark.

Connie’s gesture is just one example of the many people who appreciate Tony’s efforts.

Even the CEO of UPS recognized Tony’s outstanding work. Right before Christmas, she sent Tony a Challenge Coin as a way of acknowledging his hard work and dedication to delivering what matters.

We think it’s awesome to see someone like Tony who goes beyond what is expected and genuinely cares about making a difference in people’s lives. Props to UPS for fostering a culture that values going the extra mile. Big thanks to Tony and UPS, those packages aren’t just deliveries, they’re a lifeline.