First run in 25 years: Neil's story

Following a skydiving accident nearly 27 years ago, Neil Williams has had a long, involuntary break from running. Now, after getting his hands on a running blade, Neil is looking forward to go on park runs with his wonderful family.

Skydiving days are over
UK's park runs

Neil is not the only one getting back to running. Both his wife and two children are all returning to sports – and that’s a huge motivational factor for Neil.

“My wife has taken up some running recently. My daughter and son have taken up running as well and my son is doing half-marathons. I feel like I need to make the most of my opportunities. Life and time ticks by, so it’s now or not at all. I need to get out there and have a go. Nothing excessive, you know, just short park runs.”

The UK has well organized park runs on over 1000 sites across the UK every Saturday morning at 9 AM. The events are run by volunteers and it’s a 5K run. Your time is registered and you’re able to follow your performance – and improve on it. Some routes are flat and some are hilly, so there’s something for everyone. The whole thing is organized via an app.

“My goal is to participate in the park runs. I’m not going to be an olympic athlete.”

First time on a running blade