Hanging out with Superhumans in Ukraine

Recently, part of the Levitate Team, attended the first Superhuman Center event, where over 200 of their previous patients gathered in Lviv, Ukraine, to share their stories and celebrate their progress in their recovery journey.

About the event
Re-connecting with Superhumans

We also had the privilege to hear about their remarkable accomplishments, including athletes who have competed in the Invictus Games.

The event was honored by the presence of notable individuals such as Vasil, a Paralympic athlete who has excelled in various competitions with the help of our running blade. Vasil recently ran a 5K at the NewRun half-marathon event in Lviv, which we were lucky enough to witness first-hand. We were also honored to meet Anastasia Savka, also known as “Phoenix”. A living sniper-legend in Ukraine. Both lost their legs while bravely defending their country.

A partnership with purpose