Kicking it like like a pro: Our 4th test run event in Kyiv

Our 4th test run event in Kyiv, the beautiful capital of Ukraine, was our biggest one yet with more than 30 amputees, their families, soccer celebrities and international media attention - and it all went down in legendary soccer settings.

A major event
Brothers in arms

This event marked a series of firsts.

For many of these amputees, just being active again was a significant game game changer. And for the first time since our work in Ukraine, other Levitate veterans joined us in fitting the newcomers with our prosthetic feet, building a strong community for adaptive athletes in the process.

One of these veterans is Oleksander, our first Ukrainian beneficiary of Levitate prosthetics.

Now training as a prosthetist, Oleksander’s participation as a specialist fitting these veterans with new prosthetics underscored the event’s heartening narrative of empowerment and community. After completing his first O&P lessons to become a prosthetist, he had the honor of fitting 10 people wih 20 prosthetic feet as well as training his fellow veterans in using their new Levitate products.

Training new prosthetists plays a vital part in Ukraine’s ability to continue in assisting the many wounded veterans and civilians in the future.

“Veterans like Oleksander can really make a difference to the amputees. Not just physically, as he fits them with prosthetics, but also mentally as he proves that you are more than capable of living the life you used to – even when missing a limb.” says Oleksandra Mostepan, CEO & surgeon at U+ System.

Kicking it like a pro
A return to life