Kids running again in Boston

For the second time, the Running Is A Right program gives local Bostonian kids the freedom to play again.

Running is a right
Empowering children

The Running Is A Right program provided 15 prosthetic blades to children and young adults, allowing them to experience the joy of running, build confidence, and simply have fun.

Mahlia Schneck was among the many children fitted with a new Levitate running blade. She not only got to experience running with her new prosthetic but also enjoyed various activities with a recreational prosthetic.

“I am so excited for this day. I’ve been telling everyone I run into, ‘I am getting my running legs this weekend!’ It means a lot to me. It means now I can maybe run a little bit because I can’t normally run in my regular prosthetics. So it kinda gives me a little more freedom,” Schneck shared.

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