Kolo Nordic & U+ System: United for Ukraine

The Danish NGO Kolo Nordic, and U+ System in Kyiv, have joined forces to bring much-needed support to local defenders and civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. Now, their collaboration, championed by dedicated volunteers like Line Rindvig, is making a profound impact on individuals and communities alike.

Mental and physical rehabilitation
A new path

In 2023, as Ukraine launched its counteroffensive, Line’s dedication deepened. She met the founder of Superhumans, an Ukrainian organization focused on providing prosthetics and rehabilitation, and this encounter sparked her interest in further aiding those affected by the conflict. It was in November that Line met Lasse Werner Madsen, CEO and founder of Levitate, becoming aware of Levitate’s extensive contributions to Ukraine’s cause. However, finding partners in Denmark to raise funds for prosthetics proved challenging.

Despite initial setbacks, persistence eventually paid off. Kolo Nordic successfully secured 180,000 Danish Kroner for the prosthetic program, a testament to their, and Line’s, commitment to the cause.

“We were asked how best to utilize the funds, and we recommended a donation to U+ System – an organization that makes remarkable changes for individuals and communities alike. Not just in Kyiv, but in all of Ukraine. I’m incredibly excited about what we’re accomplishing,” Line says.

Looking ahead