Limb Loss Awareness Month: How Alexandra learned to run again

When your life is turned upside down, you find yourself at a crossroads: give up or fight on. American Alexandra Wolf is definitely a fighter - and an optimistic one at that.

How it began
The freedom to play

For a lot of regular people, running blades are hard to come by as they are rarely covered by insurance. It’s something you have to find and pay for on your own. It’s a struggle that Alexandra knows all too well.

“Prices are high and typically out of reach for most people. Especially, if you are struggling with medical bills. Levitate made it easy to purchase a blade; offering a personalized consultation, payment plans, and help with the building and adjusting of the blade. I never felt alone in the process.”

“I also love that I got to build the blade by myself. Understanding how it’s put together gives me more confidence while using it. I can also make adjusts myself, if it feels off.”

Overcoming fears of failure