Limb Loss Awareness Month: Kamil going the distance

Climbing mountain peaks, running 10Ks and biking for thousands of kilometers. Kamil Warchoł from Poland goes all in after rediscovering sports.

The beginning

Kamil’s story started when he experienced an AVM – an abnormal tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, which disrupts normal blood flow and oxygen circulation.

“I had been struggling with it for 10 years, but finally it caused my amputation. I didn’t do any sports several years after that.”

Rising to the challenge

Kamil has tried running with his regular leg prosthetics several times, but he quickly realized that they didn’t provide the bounce needed to perform.

“Now, when I have my own blade, I will never run on my other legs again. While running on a regular prosthetic you feel like you are on a stiff stick. On my blade I’m able to run longer, faster and with proper movement.”

His sports goals for 2022 is being able to run 10Ks (or longer) and climbing a few Polish mountain peaks. He has also signed up for a couple of obstacle runs.

“I have a lot of training to do, so keep your fingers crossed for me.”