Our return to Ukraine: Lviv test run w/ Unbroken Ukraine

We recently went to Lviv in Ukraine to fit Ukrainian defenders with running blades and Levitate Forever feet. Watch how the event unfolded.

Empowering defenders

Two impactful days with Unbroken Ukraine culminated in a truly incredible test run event in Ukraine.

We managed to not only fit several defenders with Levitate running blades and the Levitate Forever, but we also delivered additional legs and stock to ensure ongoing support. The smiles, sweat, and tears of joy witnessed during the event were a testament to the resilience and spirit of these awesome heroes.

This visit wasn’t just about providing prosthetics; it was about restoring confidence and enabling these heroes to reclaim their active lifestyles. The collaboration between Levitate and Unbroken is a powerful force, one that we are committed to continuing.

See you very soon, Ukraine. Your strength and courage continue to inspire us!