Patients or everyday athletes? Let's talk about people with amputations

If you were living with an amputation, would you want to be viewed as capable or incapable of handling your own prosthetics? Would you like to feel independent or dependent despite your physical disability?

It’s not a mission we’ve grasped out of thin air. Our founder, Lasse Madsen, is an amputee himself. He found himself in a position where he not only had to pay a solid amount for a sports prosthesis, but also felt it was pushed in a way that it seemed near impossible to set up on his own.

Everyday athletes want the freedom to play. They want the freedom to wake up and go out. Patients, however, are in need of care and constant guidance. We think that people with amputations start as patients, but eventually turn into everyday athletes – and the industry should treat them as such.

Disagree? Feel free to reach out to us.