Sarah's 1000 miles: Finding freedom on the running blade

Sarah Cousineau has etched her name in the annals of Levitate history. With sheer determination and an indomitable spirit, she has achieved a remarkable feat—covering an astounding 1,000 miles on her running blade, using just one sole

A life-altering moment
From overweight to the running path

Prior to the accident, Sarah had battled with weight issues throughout her life. However, in her mid-20s, she discovered the transformative power of running. What started as a mile a few times a week soon became a daily routine of several miles. She shed the excess weight and found a new lease on life. When The Heather Abbott Foundation supplied Sarah with a running blade, she got the tools to continue her fitness journey.

Sarah’s dedication to running even led her to participate regularly in half marathons, until fate intervened.

“I didn’t know at the time that I had a huge infection in my stump-leg that would put me in the hospital and off my feet all of December 2022 and most of January 2023. I was injured again in early February 2023. February 26th, 2023 I ran my second half marathon on the blade, with very little time to train post injury, but I finished.”

For Sarah, running transcends mere exercise; it serves as her therapy. The rhythmic cadence of her strides clears her mind, allowing clarity to prevail. With the running blade, she can focus on the simple act of running, rather than the challenges of being an amputee. It has become her rebellion against limb loss and a source of profound joy.

“My motivation is simple: to motivate others. Running saved me when I was grossly overweight. Running saved me when I got hurt. Movement can help anyone, and I want people to see that.”

We congratulate Sarah on her remarkable feat and we can’t wait to watch her take on another 1000 miles – this time on a brand new Levitate sole. Thank you to the Heather Abbott Foundation for making Sarah’s dream come true.