The journey to Kyiv: Our first test run event in Ukraine

We've recently embarked on our second visit to Ukraine. Partnering with U+ System once more, we went to host our first test run in Ukraine. It was a testament to the power of the Ukrainian spirit and cutting-edge technology working hand in hand to transform lives.

The success of this event was not a stroke of luck but a result of meticulous planning and dedication. Polina and Oleksandra from U+ System, the masterminds behind the event’s flawless execution, deserve commendation for their outstanding efforts. We also extends our heartfelt gratitude to Manager Andrii Ovcharenko from the Clinic Bez obmezhen and his team of Certified Prosthetist Orthotists (CPOs) who played a pivotal role in fitting the prosthetics and educating others about our prosthetic products.

Special recognition is also due to the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and Peter Helk, along with the dedicated individuals from Dansk Industri (DI), for their unwavering support.

The event was not just about technology; it was about community, support, and the collective effort to make a difference. The media crew, journalists, and families of the warriors added depth to this heartfelt endeavor, capturing the essence of our mission—changing lives, one step at a time.