Welcome to AmpCamp: An exotic getaway for amputees

Are you looking for an exotic fitness getaway for amputees? Then AmpCamp might be just the thing for you.

Ben Lovell, a UK amputee based in London, found himself in a dark and lonely place following his amputation due to a blood clot in 2017.

“I found once I left the hospital there wasn’t much help. I felt I was left to figure things out myself. I suffered depression, anxiety and ptsd as a result.”

Ben also noticed that when on holiday, he tends to get stared at a lot, which – and that goes for anyone – doesn’t feel overly welcoming. He then founded AmpCamp: a retreat and fitness camp for amputees based in Tenerife.

“The camps are about putting amputees and their partners around people who understand the journey.”

“Feedback from the first 3 camps in 2021 has been amazing. Every person, no matter how far along the journey, took something from the week. We have had people rebook and some will have attended 3 times this year.”

Last year AmpCamp had 3 camps – all in Tenerife. This year they will be arranging 8-10 camps in the same location. They even plan to launch in America in June, with 2 camps planned in Florida.

Learn more about AmpCamp here.