Welcome to Miami: Our test-run with Hanger Clinic

What happens when a bunch of everyday athletes get to try out a running blade at one of the finest sports venues Miami has to offer? The answer: pure magic.

A whole new world
Not the last test-run

This was our first official collaboration with Hanger Clinic. Huge thanks to Brett and Liz from Hanger Clinic for having us over and for taking their time to arrange such a fantastic event. Here’s what Liz had to say about the event:

“It was a huge eye opener for me in regards to the number of activities that can be done easier and safer with a recreational blade and how having access to these activities can potentially transform our outcomes.”

If you are a like-minded individual, clinic, NGO or potential corporate partner who shares our fierce passion for providing greater access to an active life for amputees, please get in touch with us to explore how we might continue on this journey together.

Get a quick glimpse of the event in the video.