Levitate at OTWorld: WJT now represents Levitate in Central Europe

WJT is now the official representative of Levitate in Poland, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

A strong partnership
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We are particularly excited to highlight that the Levitate Forever, our everyday prosthetic foot, is fully reimbursable. This ensures that more patients can benefit from cutting-edge prosthetic technology without financial barriers. Our very own Sales Executive, Sebastian, showcased the foot’s capabilities in person at OTWorld.

If you are interested in exploring our offerings, please reach out. You have the opportunity to try our products for free and receive a comprehensive introduction to Levitate, including detailed information on how our prosthetics can significantly enhance the quality of life for your patients.

For more information and to schedule a demonstration, please contact us today. Let us show you how Levitate’s prosthetic products can transform patient care and mobility.