Unleashing superhumans: Our first test run event with Superhumans Center

Another group of Ukrainian heroes recently reclaimed their active lives in Lviv. This time with the help of Superhumans Center.

Shootin' hoops

Organized by Superhumans Center, this test run event saw an impressive turnout of more than 60 individuals.

What set this event apart was not just the number of attendees but the profound impact it had on everyone present, particularly highlighted by the story of Vasili, a brave Ukrainian defender. Just a month prior, Vasili had been fitted with a running blade, a pivotal moment that not only marked the beginning of his own journey towards recovery and adaptation also allowed him to take on a new role, one of mentor and guide, as he assisted his fellow brothers in arms to experience the exhilarating feeling of running once again.

This act of solidarity and support was a powerful reminder of the unbreakable spirit and brother/sisterhood that defines the Ukrainian people.

Hands-on experience