Marcelo's road to the Paralympics

33 year old Marcelo has never been much of a sports enthusiast. Now, 6 years after the horrific motor vehicle accident that caused his amputation, just being active is no longer enough.

Winning a life
A birthday miracle

Marcelo wasn’t much into running prior to the accident. As a matter of fact, staying active wasn’t a priority at all.

“Many people think it’s funny that I didn’t have an active life before my accident, and now that I’m missing a leg, I just really want to run.”

Before finally getting his hands on a running blade, Marcelo had decide that now was the time. It was finally time for him to actually get a running blade – one way or another. However, getting your hands on an affordable running blade is nearly impossible. A regular blade costs around 6.000 USD in Ecuador – and that’s a lot of money to most people. Even for a working engineer like Marcelo.

“I was very frustrated because I wanted a running blade so badly, but finding that kind of money is impossible for me. Getting my Levitate running blade was a true birthday miracle. I thought it was a scam at first because of its affordability.”

The sky's the limit

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